Tech N9ne – Beautiful People (Remix) Lyrics

I hit the Pharmacy cause I need a fix
People hiss and point at me, they tie me to sick
So, any bitches corner me to buy Nina hicks
Imma flip a quarter, leave dismay – eat a dick
Keep you tripping when this oddity spit
Hit the lottery quick
This for Dr. Dre, no modesty shit
So it’s gotta be lit
We ain’t rapping for no cheese, for real
We just happen to exceed the bills
Grip it, stack it for the seas to chill
We need to spill, (to please the ill)
Do this for me, my insanity family
Push a power, paint a planet, we panicky
Cause a cousin, our calamity
We ain’t peace-y nigga, this is anarchy
This is A and around at a circle
Disobey then you’re grounded in dirt
He’s down and it’s hurtful
When they found it is purple
I drunk it and sounded berserk-o
When I walked in this game
Niggas gawked at me Strange
They knew it would start to be change
Finish a nigga off and leave shame
Now I’m bossing these lames
Gonna be taking a loss in these lanes
Doing the most and they jocking me mane
Look at the milli, I’m off of me break
Feeling me killers and honor you
Witness what is what a wicked what Imma be
Sick and vicious, give it a wicked persona
But I’m with the drama, we get dumb any time
I live with the metal
The rebel is not the devil
And the dark they will shine
Put him in the back and Imma shoot up in a pack another milli-murder ain’t nobody fucking with the N9NE!

[Bridge 4x]
The beautiful people, the beautiful people

Hey you, what do you see?
Something beautiful, something free?
Hey, you, are you trying to be mean?
If you live with apes man, it’s hard to be clean


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