The Districts – Suburban Smell lyrics

There are 16 homes on every street
They all of course lie in the neatest rows1
Cradling broken homes2 and dinner prayers3
Rocking us all to sleep in bones4

Which one’s mine?5 I can’t tell
We’re sick of that suburban smell6
They look the same, look the same
And all the kids with money laugh7
Cheering for the retard dance8
Cheering for a touchdown they laugh

But I am not like them. I am not like them9
I’m leaving because I’m sick of watching them10
Watch the retard dance

There’s a party at the rich kid’s house, while I get stoned
In basements11
Mother I am not myself, but I don’t laugh and
Watch the retard dance
There are so many homes on every street
Piling into lines so neat, but I won’t12
Fold into these lives, I’m too drunk on that13
Suburban smell, to know which one of them is mine
They look the same, look the same

God gave us 16 homes on every street so we all
Pray at the dinner table, our sons are strong
And they are able, to laugh and watch
The retard dance14

I’m sick of that suburban smell
I’m sick of that suburban smell15


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