The Lox – Remember Lyrics

[Verse 1: Sheek Louch]
M-m-make a move y’all
Gettin’ money for years nothin’ to prove y’all1
From Mary to the Diddy, from Diddy to the bank bought the Range in the city2
Young boy rappin’ on them tapes, ready rock baggin’ up messin’ up the plates
Thought I was fresh, nothin’ less3
Leather had the pelle on the jacket with the eights
Thugged out rockin’ at the fever, .38 revolver’ll make ’em a believer4
Shiny suits if you think I’m Jiggy
Couldn’t tell me shit after I did a song with Biggie5
Swizzy and my double R fam had it locked in the checks with the dog DMX
And still gettin’ big checks, and still bitches wanna give me sex6

[Hook: Sevyn Streeter]
Faded summer days
Baby, you remind me of cut-off jeans and jay’s
Baby, you remind me of young mistakes we made, the one that got away
Seems like yesterday
You remind me7

[Verse 2: Styles P]
Used to move dope by the bundle8
Pushed the 3 Series downtown to the tunnel9
Dream of this rap shit and gettin’ out the jungle10
Niggas was hungry, niggas was not humble, niggas should not stumble
If you had somethin’ to sting, I woulda stung you11
“We gon’ make it” only dream I ever clung to
I remember makin’ up raps sellin’ crack
Goin’ to sleep and wakin’ up movin’ packs12
Niggas tried to move on me so I had to move ’em back
Hardest nigga, brought the same attitude to rap13
Remind me of the ‘caine14 that remind me of the pain
I been rhymin’ insane since I got into the game15


[Verse 3: Jadakiss]
From windmills to jumpshots to carryin’ crack
Divorcin’ my day job gettin’ married to rap16
Now they don’t stretch you, back then was special
You down with the clique, had to slapbox and wrestle17
Get hit in the mouth for talkin’ when they ain’t ask you
Two-tone British slip-ons with the tassels
[?] with the creases, had sweatsuits and leases18
Buck 50 for a soda and the pizza
Priceless, you could have fun for free19
Either man-hunt, tap-tap 1 2 3
Even though it’s all far behind me love, those are just some of the things you remind me of20



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