The Batty Rap lyrics

WILLIAMS ROBIN The Batty Rap Lyrics
Yo, the name is Batty
The logic is erratic,
Potato in a jacket,
Toys in the attic,
I rock and I ramble,
My brain is scrambled,
Rap like an animal but I`m a mammal

I been brain-fried, electrified, infected and injectified,
Vivosectified and fed pesticides,
My face is all cut up,
Cos my radar`s all shut up
Nurse I need a check-up from the neck up,
I`m Batty

They used and abused me,
Battered and bruised me,
Red wires green wires stuck em` right through me,
So hear my Batty word,
And excersize a little prudence,
When dealing with humans,

*people talking*

Doesn`t seem like animals comprehend any pain,
They just get used to it,

Cause I`m a real fruit bat and I`m ready to rap,
I`m ready to snap,
I suffer from cyanica and chapped lips,
And shockage,
Like a rocket in my pocket and a need to scratch,
But now I can`t stop it,
I`m Batty...

I`m a real fruit bat and my logic is erratic,
I`m Batty...
Who`s Batty? Moi

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