The Body Song lyrics

CHILDREN The Body Song Lyrics
I am the eye, I go blink, blink,
Yes, I am the eye and I can wink,
I am the eye but I can`t think,
That belongs to my friend the brain.

Fritter fratter frit, fritter fratter frit,
I`m the brain with electric current patter pit,
I`m the brain and I fritter learning bit by bit,
Yes I fritter fratter fritter all the time.

I go lub dub, lub dub I go.
I am the heart, I pump like so.
I`m bringing life to all the parts,
I am consistent, I`m the heart.

Swinging, I`m swinging,
Swinging on life`s merry way.
I`m the arm, I`m the arm,
Bringing grace to all.

Hearing, hearing,
Small ears, hearing,
We don`t, miss much,
Hearing all the time.

We are the body of Christ,
We are the body of Christ,
Together bringing His love to the world.

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