The High And The Mighty lyrics

JOHNNY DESMOND The High And The Mighty Lyrics
The High and the Mighty
Johnny Desmond
(Words by Ned Washington; Music by Dimitri Tiomkin)

- From the movie The High and the Mighty

I was high and mighty,
How I laughed at love
And the stars above,
Then you came like a gentle flame
And helped me to find my way!
I was high and mighty
And I told my heart
Where to stop and start,
Now I find that I was blind,
I`m learning it day by day!
Love can change things,
Rearrange things,
Oh, what strange things
Love can do!
I`m not high and mighty
But I have what`s worth
All the gold on earth,
I have you and I give my heart
Forever and ever to you, you, you!

From: `Montcomags`

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