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There's a beauty to the dawn, a rhythm to the rain
A silence in the soul that I just can't explain
There's a breath of life I breathe, a beating in my heart
A magnificence, a scary sense of what lies past the stars
Beyond what we can see behind the mystery
I know that it could only be

There is a God; this is the proof
That all around the evidence is speaking the truth
From the center of my soul to the edge of the universe
Creation is crying out believe it or not
There is a God

There's a debt that has been paid, a grace that I've been shown
A hope that I've been given that I have never known
There's a love that conquers darkness a peace alive in me
There's a life that's not just here and now but for eternity
Beyond what we can see behind the mystery
I know that it could only be that


I believe it; I believe it
There is a God
I can feel it; I can feel it
There is a God
And the more I find the less I need to see
I've never been so sure, so sure of anything


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33 Miles Lyrics for There Is A God