Three Loco – Neato Lyrics

[Verse 1: Andy]
Step in the club, and we lookin’ real neato
I be gettin’ bitches with my blue tuxedo
We’re neato, like a giraffe in a speedo
What’s up, sonny? Que pasa mijo
Chillin’ with Rihanna out in Puerto Rico
She ate my coconut, cause she thought it was a Zico

[Verse 2: Riff Raff]
Yeah, neato. I beat up the block like Steven Seagal
Pour a four in a Pellegrino, driving backwards through Reno
Pointy sided Doritos, go ‘head, shoot the free-throw
I pull up at the casino, candy Cheeto steamboat
Desert Eagle (Desert Eagle), flash the Buick Regal
I pull up on you people, buttercream Beetle

Neato, neato
Neato, neato
We’re neato, we’re neato
Look mom, we’re neato
Look kids, we’re neato
(We’re really neato)

[Verse 3: Andy]
Neato, burrito, hold the chorizo
Snitches get stitches, shout out to Lilo
Fuck cocaine, my cock’s like a kilo
You know I be stacking mo’ dough than Phyllo
Your momma sucked my dick, tell her, “Keep it on the d-low”
I keep it underground, you’re commercial like Vevo

[Verse 4: Riff Raff]
Case closed, never seen before
Blow it up, C4, hide the Benz by the sea shore
All about the pesos, ten second c-note
Next year, I’m in the movies. (Quentin) Tarantino
I’m in the Costa Rica, pizza Totino
You got a low self-esteem? You can rent my ego

[Hook x2]

[Verse 5: Dirt Nasty]
Neato, butt-naked in the El Camino
I’m white like Barry, not brown like Nino
Dirt Nasty, don’t ask me what’s neato
While I’m shittin’ on the track like Waka Flocka Seagulls
Don’t look through the peephole
Unless you wanna see your grandma sitting on my meat-pole
Locked up in Chino, got shanked by a Latino
For a bag of Hot Fritos, my dick mas piquito
Neato, still whip it like Devo
Cause my dick short and fat like Danny DeVito
Barely legal, hotter than a jalapeno
When she dropped to her knees and did the Tim Tebow

[Hook x2]

Nik Nikateen



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