Tink – I Like Lyrics

Verse 1)
When you come tonight, squeeze me tight1
Hold me close, kiss my cheek, caress my soul
Take a care, choke my hair, make me blush
Go so deep that my hymen is f**ked2
You know it’s been some time since I’ve tried guys this young
Not too many of em are honest3
But he holds it down, stands his ground, play his move
Doesn’t rush to get into my body4

And that’s that s**t that I like, like, like, like, like5
A man looking up in my mind, a man looking up in mind
Is it wrong that I really, really, really, really want you?6
And there’s no need to ask, you feel it too

Do you, do you, do you feel it?
Do you, do you, do you mean it?
Do you, do you, do you feel it?
Do you, do you7

(Verse 2)
So come tonight, run the lights, say your close8
F**k these hoes, I want your type9
Tees and sweats, hair’s a mess, Netflix’s on10
Still your eyes glued to mine
You understand me, and it’s all I need

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Are you here to rescue me?11
Are you here to go and get a check with me?12
Are you here to pillow talk?13
Or are you here to bounce and pull out when this shit get hard?14
Are you here to make sure I
Are you here to loan me your chest when I cry at night?15
Are you here to set me up, get me hyped, turn around and just leave my life?16
I told him that’s that shit that I’m used to
Don’t blame me for my issues17
He know deep inside I really wanna have him18
The little things that really make me attractive
Got em opening and holding doors
Touching me in places like a tourist

(Repeat Chorus)


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