Trademark Da Skydiver – The Return Lyrics

[Verse 1: Trademark]
Razor sharp
Hop in the whip
And then i [?]
Crack the sunroof1
Spark up a doob2 to clear my thoughts
Mind racin for the paper3
Paper chasin’s in my nature4
Gonna get it while its good
As i should, no hesitation
They told me to remain patient5
But the game6 waitin
Doubters wanna see me fail
But im gon make it7
Hit me on the phone if money is the conversation
We all came to get paid
Whats the point of fakin8
Took a hi-atus to perfect my preparations
No luck its all talent and raw determination9
I often lie red eyed, like the terminators
Back on that darth vader supervillain flavor
Its the return of the real motherfuck them haters10
Turn the table on these niggas motherfuck yo favors
Im in the crib smokin loud bout to wake the neighbors
Plottin on the come up its a must i get this paper11

[Chorus: Trademark]
Say hello to the villain i been chillin’ for a minute
But im back up in the buildin’ with them verses worth a million12
Lemme talk my shit spark this piff man i love the feelin’
God willin’ im a minion soon or later better livin’ [x2]13

[Verse 2: Trademark]
Take a sample i came to get mine
I know in due time with dedication and grind combined14
Ima get mo, ridin slow blowin smoke cruisin thru the n.o15
Mixin cheef with the kush foggin up the windows16
Mind on this dough17 its a must i get u already know
Better days ahead of me now im done with being broke
Stacked up some racks off this rap shit so i stay afloat18
Keep my mind stuck on the grind no time for these hoes19
Highs and lows are part of this game i handle it like a pro
Enjoy it while you got it my nigga everything come and goes20
Lames get exposed thought they was real but now you know
They faker than them retros they slingin out the corner store
Everybody bout they dollars it ain’t just pref low21
Get yo hustle on while its good stretch that money long
Double up triple up nigga til you finally on…homie22
Its the return

[Chorus: Trademark]

Is the mission23


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