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Lil Wayne Tunechi's Back Lyrics
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Man, f-ck these niggas
Tunechis back, Tunechis back
Thats all these btiches screaming that Tunechis back
All eyes on me
Nigga pict how Im rollin
Strapped up with that mac
Masked up like a goalie
Mad my bitch on that coke
She snorted 4 on the bed
Now the bitch on me
She selling p-ssy and pay me

They sayin Tunechis back, Tunchis back
And I bought them twins with me nigga, click and clack
Lets go

Out on bail
Work on the scale
Put some change on ya head
Boy, you on sale
Yeah I see you in hell
Pop pop get well
Make breakfast cause I got you walking on egg shells
Zan with that lean
I aint a beggin muthaf-cka
But nigga please

And I aim this muthaf-cka at your memories
And all my niggas bloods but we make you niggas bleed
Yeah, bloody mary
Im the one with the money so I aint the one with the gun
All I do is give the word to the one with the gun
Im triple OG, ? splitting the sweet
F-ck bitches get money
Mission complete

Man f-ck the niggas I aint worried bout em
These niggas pure p-ssy, pull a pearl out em
Yeah, I got a virgin I call her Madaonna
But I aint trippin, her head is a monster
Yeah, we do this for real
Swear to God I never shoot unless Im shooting to kill
Young wild mutha-fcka pop you and a pill
Boy instead of writing raps you should be writing your will
You a dead man, I get to poppin this bitch
Watch where your head land
I aint right I swear to God, I need my head scanned
Stand up and eat that p-ssy while she on a head stand
Im a dog hoe, camo cargos, semi autos
My bitch sniff more lines than a barcode
Wish I could take a shot of Ciroc with Pac
Sorry for the wait til my album drop

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Lil Wayne Lyrics for Tunechi's Back