Vanessa Carlton – Operator Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I could be your operator
I could bring you joy
Something like a freedom fighter
Guns ain’t just for boys

[Verse 2]
I heard what you said
You should say it again, cause it’s bold
It’s getting late
Darling get a move on it, we should go
You should never tell your mother
You should give it time
Pour a drink, here, have another
Cause this is gonna blow your mind

Heard what you said
And I say what I mean

We should go, go
Pack up your things
I don’t care what you bring
Leave your house for a home

[Verse 3]
You should call your little brother
Tell him to be good
Tell him that you really love him
You don’t… but you should

I heard what you said, so don’t say it again
Cause it’s cold, cold
It’s getting late, we should get a move on it
We should go

I could be your moneymaker
You could be my song
Worry bout the others later
We should get a move on



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