VerseBorn – Purple Haze Lyrics


We blow dro from

State to state

It’s No (no) joke ( joke)

The way we roll purple haze

When the Mary Jane is

All in my brain

When I’m feelin’ stressed

It helps correct My perspective

[Verse 1]

Who next to sell

In this stress of hell

I’m containing it WELL

Whilst rolling up an L chopper

From my hood to Yo dam block

The plans locked to rock

Ascots with a mascot

Of have-nots (proper)

Illegal green in the Philly scene

Were most fiend to lean

And freedom don’t sing

What the people need

It seems up to the elite

To choose whose next

Some too eager to let the eagle

Fly the coo coo’s nest

From killa Cali to Cincinnati

Niggas rally to

Grab a stash of granddad

From prestigious families

Wealth or not ‘cuz

From both angles

I’m twice as nice with

Black stripes I’m too Bengal

Then speed thru to see dude

In georgetown – a door man

Cop 4 grams to guarantee

My dreams blue

That’s how we do when the

Trees blew – From the home

Of the hoyas – back down to

My home in California

[Hook x2]


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