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ICP Violent J Poem Lyrics
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i looked at you and smiled the other day

i thought you`d see me, but you didnt

i said i love you, and waited for what you`d say

i thought you`d hear me, but you didnt

i asked you to come outside and play ball with me

i thought you`d fallow, but you didnt

i drew a picture just for you to see

i thought you`d save it forever, but you didnt

i made a fort for us back in the woods

i thought you`d camp out with me, but you didnt

i found some worms and stuff for fishing

i thought you`d wanna go, but you didnt

i needed you just to talk to, share my thoughts with

i thought you`d want to, but you didnt

i told you about this day hoping you would show up to play

i thought for sure you`d come, but you didnt

i asked you to share my youth with me,

i thought you`d want to but you couldnt

my country called me off to war

you asked me to come home safly, but i didnt

keep the ones you love close to you

and make sure they know you love them, all the time

because anything could happen at any time

make sure who ever you loev knows you love them

because this world can be a pretty shocking place sometimes

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