Waka Flocka Flame – Rap Game Fucked Up Lyrics

Rap fucked up so we in the trap
Rap fucked up so we in the hood
Rap fucked up on the interstate

From interstate to [?]
From bustin’ swishers and bitches
From the blood to the kitchen
I’m a real nigga, ain’t no switching
Don’t talk, just listen
Pussy boy you might learn somethin’
Dumb young niggas gon’ burn something
I’ve been off the road tryna earn something

[Verse ]
Rap fucked up, back in the trenches
Throwin’ chopsticks, I’m a fuckin’ menace
Serving bags of gas [?] got them chickens
Project buildings, serving all attendants
Your money slow, back to robbin’ niggas
Taking rappers’ chains and their watches niggas
Waka Flocka, nigga
[?] my father’s figure, I’m a Pyru nigga
Came up, shorty [?]
Word on the streets you got the work
Don’t cooperate, how we operate
Put ’em on a shirt, drop his top like a ‘vert
Hot Boy like Turk
Pop a nigga like a Perc
Old school with the vert


[Verse 2]
You a [?] niggas, type to snatch a purse
Made six hundred bands from just selling merch
Don’t run them bands, shots gon’ disperse
[?] double work
Made a million dollars off of rappin’
Made a million dollars off of trappin’
Made another quarter million off of cappin’
Really catchin’ plays, y’all just ball cappin’
I was in the streets while y’all rappin’
Hit a lick for a set, aw man
Plenty sticks like a log cabin
Pistol whip a nigga til his jaw fractions
Get my young niggas all the work
They gon’ help me get it all faster
Ain’t no talkin’, bitch we all action
Fifty pistols bitch, we all packing
Been gettin’ it since [?]
Flipping pounds like an acrobat
Bust em down into small fractions
Thank you lord for this large mansion
If your daddy snitchin’, you was born a rat
Pockets on E, I got the format
Lay ’em down like a floor mat
And if I rap about it, bitch I mean that


Rap fucked up so we in the trap
Rap fucked up so we in the hood
Rap fucked up on the interstate


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