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1994 Cosyng Music/BMI.

It seems I`m always getting up
and I am always falling
my heart tires of beating late some nights
But heaven isn`t hiding, it`s in any love calling
we will find you, nothing can blind you from our sight

I can walk into heaven
with no one here to guide me
and say this heart inside me does not know how
I can walk into heaven
with all of you beside me
Walk into heaven right now

I have carried my own bed
through my failures and my tryings
and the nights I lie down far away from home
and though I let go of the ledge, in my ears their fears are crying
you won`t be flying, you`ll be dying all alone

I will open my hand
and only hold what rests there
I won`t dig shine in our hoping, this is a long dance of coping
bravely unsure of what we`ve found

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