MUPPETS We Got Us Lyrics
(as it appears on the Muppet Show Album and Muppet Hits album)

Piggy: Life is a funny thing
Sometimes you laugh and sing
Kermit: Sometimes you grumble and fuss
Piggy: But either way what do we care?
Both: We got us
Scooter: We have our ups and downs
Our share of smiles and frowns
Gonzo: But through it all we don`t fuss
Kermit: `Cause we got a special thing goin`
All: We got us
Fozzie: Some people like to go through their life single
Aw, that wouldn`t suit us at all
Floyd: Why sing a melody as a soliloquy
When its more fun to be
All: Harmonizing

People they say we are
Crazy the way we are
That we won`t even discuss
`Cause what we got they can`t smother
We`d trade our life for no other
They`ve only got one another
But we got us!

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