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When the Ice Worms Nest Again
(Conceivably by Robert Service; in any case, an Alaskan
tradition in the 20s and 30s. Recorded by Wilf Carter ---Montana
For Mary`s very rich now, and yo
Slim --- sometime in the 1940s).

There`s a husky, dusky maiden in the Arctic
And she waits for me but it is not in vain,
For some day I`ll put my mukluks on and ask her
If she`ll wed me when the ice worms nest again.

cho: In the land of the pale blue snow,
Where it`s ninety-nine below,
And the polar bears are roaming o`er the plain,
In the shadow of the Pole
I will clasp her to my soul,
We`ll be happy when the ice worms nest again.

For our wedding feast we`ll have seal oil and blubber;
In our kayaks we will roam the bounding main;
All the walruses will look at us and rubber,
We`ll be married when the ice worms nest again.

And when the blinkin` icebergs bound around us,
She`ll present me with a bouncing baby boy.
All the polar bears will dance a rhumba `round us
And the walruses will click their teeth with joy.

final chorus:
When some night at half-past two
I return to my igloo,
After sitting with a friend who was in pain,
She`ll be waiting for me there,
With the hambone of a bear
And she`ll beat me `til the iceworms nest again.

@love @Eskimo
filename[ ICEWRM

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