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I have a plan, a woman and a man
against the wind but living free
the price for love my life for thee
don`t run in fear, I need you to be here
I will climb the walls you hide behind
I will search the world until I find

I know that the ride we take
a life we`ll make above the fears, beyond the tears
happiness remains through the years

I can be the one, you know I can
when you`re following me home, your heart in hand
helplessly controlled to another land
to a place where lovers go

I see the light, endless in your eyes
shining through, calling me, I forget the hurtful memories
dodging the stars, to get where they are
they fought until they made it through
I will fight the same to arrive with you


a companion and a friend, I will love you til the end
til the end of time, through the years


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