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UNKNOWN Whiskey O John Rise Her Up Lyrics
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Whiskey, O (John, Rise Her Up)

Whiskey is the life of man
I`ll drink whiskey when I can,
Whiskey, O, Johnny, O
John rise her up from down below.
Whiskey, whiskey, whiskey,O
Up aloft this yard must go,
John rise her up from down below.

I like whiskey hot and strong,
I`ll drink whiskey all day long.

Whiskey made my mother cry
Of whiskey she was always shy.

Champagne is good, and so is rum
And beer is good enough for some.

I`ll drink it hot, I`ll drink it cold
I`ll drink it new, I`ll drink it old.

Whiskey made me sell my coat,
Whiskey`s what keeps me afloat.

Whiskey killed my sister Sue
Whiskey killed my brother, too.

Some likes whiskey, some likes beer
I wish I had a barrel here.

Whiskey made the bosun call
Hang together one and all.

Whiskey stole me brains away
One more pull and we`ll belay!

Recorded by Killen, 40 North to 40 North
@sailor @drink
filename[ WHISKEYO
play.exe WHISKEYO

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