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YING YANG TWINS Whistle While You Twerk Lyrics
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whistle while you twurk
go head and start and make that
pussy fart and whistle while you
twurk (twurk summin).

{ying yang twins}
ying yang in this thang
(ying yang).
[repeat 8x`s]

[verse 1]
Let me see you make that pussy fart
good lord make it shake like a salt shaker
to hard get it up to you can`t ugh no moe
see I love when you hoes take it to tha floor
baby bounce biggy bounce ugh it`s on you
shouty you can twurk in your skirt if you want
to see we came to keep it crunk for ya all night
put a dub in tha club show me what I like.

[verse 2]
These bitches make money in tha club these
hoes like to take it off for a thug you can`t come
with nothin less than a dub or she lookin at yo ass
like a scrub these hoes like it when a nigga show em
love and she`ll show you what she really made of I
guarantee yo ass wouldn`t get enough tell her pop that
shit drop that shit `WHAT`.

[repeat 1x]

[verse 3]
Where them hoes that`s buying me a ticket I thank
they all dance at club nikki`s now where them hoes who
be spittin that game I thank they all dance at tha blue flame
where them hoes that be hard booty shakin I thank they all
dance at tha foxxy lady.

[verse 4]
I know she a shakin booty hoe no teaser she ain`t no sceaser
when ya all fat pleaser now where them bitches that be quick to
show them titties I thank they all dance at tha magic city I know
some bitches that be quick to take over you got tha green on your
scene and strokers.

And whistle while you twurk (twurk) gotta
make that money for

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