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REBEL JOHNNY Who Likes A Nigger Lyrics
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L.B.J. was a-flyin` one morn`
Over south Louisiana...feeling for alarm
When he looks down below, and what does he see?
Two cajuns pullin` a nigger on ski`s!

So he lands, and says, `Thanks for helping your black brother!`
And them two cajuns just looked at each other
And said, `He might be smart, but I`ll tell you something...`
`He don`t know a thing about alligator huntin`!`

Who likes a nigger?
o-wop-bop-bam-bam (CHORUS)
Who likes a nigger?
Who likes a nigger?
And the hatin`, everybody, is a-gettin` much bigger

Rich man travelin` down thru the South
Stopped in Mississippi to get a tooth pulled out
When he paid the doctor the charges due
He said `My nigger chauffer`s got a bad tooth, too`

`Well, I`ll pull it...`, said the doc, `but you`d better not holler!
Cause I`ll have to charge you $200.00
Cause here in Mississippi he can`t open his mouth
We`ll have to go thru his bottom, to get the thing out!`


There ain`t much difference `tween a nigger and a donkey
`Bout as much between an ape and a monkey
Ones a little bigger, but you gotta agree
There`s not very much more that you can see.

But a mule earns his livin` by the sweat of his neck
While a nigger sits down and draws a gov`t check
The nigger should be smarter, as a general rule
But in a spelling contest, I`d pick the mule!


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