Why You Bullshitin lyrics

SUGAR FREE Why You Bullshitin Lyrics
So pay attention, babe
Pay attention
Our Father, who art in Heaven
Quik gave me a beat, now Pomona`s on the set, now...

Get your money, why you bullshittin`?!
Baby, why you bullshittin`?!

Mama tries but there ain`t no love like homie love, baby
I`m G`d up and I`m crazy
And there`s a mellow ghetto breeze on my ass
Cause I`m, saggin`, don`t wanna die so I`m taggin`
Now when I see my baby cryin`
I can`t explain how it hits me
I`m tryin` papers while she fill it in
Ya see in order for me to win, I gotta lose sometimes, baby
I know I`m wrong but I`ma make it
Now I...

Never hit hit a woman, naha
But I slapped the shit out of a bitch, why you bullshittin`?!
If you think a little ahead, you gets a little ahead, little
But I ain`t goin` against the grain, not me, not even a little
Bet she didn`t tell you she used to be my ho, huh?
Yeah nigga, she sold that pussy for me, in Pomona
You better take some of this night time sticky icky head
`Fore she could realise I`m tryin` to get rich with Quik
Why you bullshittin`? ??
Suga Free is lovely and pretty as I can be
Perms simpler than Charlotte Spred, waves deep as Redonda Beach
Tellin` you to

Get your money, why you bullshittin`?!
Baby, why you bullshittin`?!
I get down, why you bullshittin`?!
Baby, why you bullshittin`?!

Now what`s the problem nigga?
Whu-what? Yo` lady won`t suck your dick?
Cause for the very low low price of $100 you can use my bitch
And if you act now, man, I`ll throw in a ho that`ll buff your
She used to work down there at the Sperm Bank
See, she got fired for drinkin` on the job
But you ain`t know, givin` baby yo` money, be killin` me!
Lettin` that bitch disrespect you in front of yo` friends be
killin me!
Always givin` that bitch some dick, killin` me
goin` through one ear, comin` out the other,
Talkin bout you feelin` me
Now, partner tell me where my love at
Cause I`ma tell you where you`re wrong at
I`ll be in but I won`t break, not me, no matter
If I`m broker than her, I won`t take her purse
I just want the whole ???
Shit! And at that you broke, been broke, gon` be broke
Wanna see me broke, but please ho, really doe
Cause I, tell a lie? She tell a lie
sit there with a straight face ??? on one anothers lives
Now I can tell you 30 times how to pimp you a ho

And I can tell you 30 mo` and you still won`t know
Partner, you wanna overuse the pussy?
Me, I`m tryin` to hit the news with the pussy
In a survey it`s estimated that 9 out of 10 men don`t check they
But Suga Free`ll tell your pretty ass to get the f**k out!

And get my money, why you bullshittin`?!
Baby, why you bullshittin`?!
I get down, why you bullshittin`?!
Baby, why you bullshittin`?!

Bitch come get yo` damn kid, you see him tearin` up my shit?
She`s starin` dead at they ass, you won`t tell `em to quit
Now, I whoop they ass, fuck waitin` `till baby turn her back
Lil ol` man come sock me, trust me
He tryin` to run, he gettin` cracked
I want you but I really don`t need you, bitch
Cause all you do is eat, burp and fuck and talk that shit
And tell yo` kids I ain`t they motherfuckin` daddy
What-what? Yo` medi couch fly?
Cause they look like they been eatin` cabbage
And it don`t cost a dime
I won`t knock one pork chop off yo` plate
If you don`t knock one of mine, ??
cause a hoes gonna be a ho for real
Quit jockin` her cause youse a snack, she lookin` for a meal
And I ain`t tryin` to be your friend bitch
Buddy, buddy, thats my partner, that nigga cool, and all that
Sayin: I won`t be afraid, I won`t go astray
I`ll play like I`m wake, I`ll stay in my place
Please let me stay, I`ll hold to my grave
So how you wanna handle this? Baby we`ll dismantle this
And we blows you out like a candle trick
And we blows you out like a candle trick

Man, get your money, why you bullshittin`?!
Baby, why you bullshittin`?!
Believe me, I get down, why you bullshittin`?!
That`s right, baby, why you bullshittin`?!
Don`t fuck around, why you bullshittin`?!
Yo, Kingpin, why you bullshittin`?!
I think, Pomona Town, why you bullshittin`?!
Uhh! That`s where I`m from, why you bullshittin`?!
Get your money, why you bullshittin`?!
Table for two, baby, why you bullshittin`?!
Uuh, trick, it ain`t hard, why you bullshittin`?!
And you know what? Credit card, why you bullshittin`?!
Got my money baby, why you bullshittin`?!
Ahh, god damn, why you bullshittin`?!
Suga Free, I get down, why you bullshittin`?!
Suga Free, Black Tone, don`t be bullshittin`!
Kingpin for life!
Ahhhh, I get down for life, oh!

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