Wiz Khalifa – Smoke Chambers Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Back when I was a kid I used to drive alone
Always feeling like I was stuck out here on my own1
Now my pockets is full and I’m still riding slow2
What goes on in my head, don’t nobody really know3
I’m in the light, all of my life get put on display4
Nothing to call my own, ducking, dodging everyday5
Put that camera phone away and keep it real with me6
Time to time again I’m searching for reality
And feeling so alone7

Alone again (x3)

[Verse 2]
I’m smoking that weed everyday but never hide my faith8
They calling my phone, I don’t even got the time a day9
Don’t know their motives anymore that’s why I hesitate10
I’m tired of partying, getting drunk, I’m trying to elevate11
I remember back in the day, I ain’t had no cash
I was coming up off of nothing hoping it would last12
Now it’s 2015 and I got it all13
Feeling like I did, when I started on my own
Out here all alone14

Alone again (x3)

No use looking out
It’s within that brings that
Lonely feeling15
Understand that when you leave here
You’ll be clear
Among the better men16


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