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FRED HAMMOND You Are My Song Lyrics
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Lord i want to bless your name today because you`re so good and you`re so kind,
i just have to say this one thing

you are my symphony yeahhhhhh
perfect in harmony yeahhh
you are hehhheehhh
you are my melody (forever) forever (oh yeah)
thats why i sing (thats why i sing you are my song)
(you are my symphony) you are my symphony (somebody needs to lift their hands
and just say oh lord you are perfect in harmony)
perfect in harmony (you are in my life with your word and you are yeah yeah yeah)
you are my melody forever (thats why i sing oh let me tell you)

lord no other song
no other song compares to you
no other praise
no other praise strong as you
your spirit
your spirit speaks to my soul
thats why i sing
lord you are my song

you`re the tone of power
in the key of honor
filled with glory
lord you are my song
for you endless mercy and your loving kindness pull my heart strings daily
you are you are you are my song lord
lord you are my song
you`re my symphony in harmony you are
lord you are my song
for your greatfulness is my homeness of the mercy
lord you are my song

helleluah helleluah

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