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Girl I gotta say that I wish you were mine
I don`t want another cuz you`re all that`s on my mind
I know that your thinkin` that I don`t respect you though
Baby girl, youz a lady, I don`t respect a ho
I know I wanna be wit` you it`s stuck in my brain
This is real, it`s how I feel, I ain`t spittin` game
I wanna ask you on a date but I hear you got a man
But girl I want you so bad, you just don`t understand
I`d love to take you to the movies or to the park
Starin` up at the stars next to you in the dark
Talk about the things that make you laugh and make you cry
I know you can`t deny when you look into my eyes
You see a man who cares, who will understand your feelings
Who knows all about you, and what you fina appealing
I can be a gentleman, I know how to treat you right
I don`t expect to get in bed wit` you on the first night
I wanna take my time and enjoy it wit` you
I really do hope that you feel the same way too
Everytime I see you walkin` by wit` yo` man
I wonder why that it can`t be I, holding your hand
I`m waitin` for the day that I fulfill his space
I`m waitin` for the day that I can take his place
I hope it`ll be soon since you know how I feel
Cuz girl my heart feels for you so deeply real

Baby girl you`re lookin` fine (You`re on my mind all the time)
24/7 I dream that you are mine (In time you`ll find)
That I`m the one who`ll understand (Everyone of your demands)
So leave your man and take my hand (I`ll take you to another land)

For you I`d lay my pride down and show a little love
But for sure you can`t change me, a thug`ll be a thug
I have a lot of feelings I just put `em aside
But for you I`d let `em loose and watch `em all ride
When I look into your eyes I get this feeling in my brain
The thought of not having you is driving me insane
I`d love to bring you to my house and lay you on my bed
Chocolate syrup, lick you from your toes to your head
Lay you on your back and push my love up inside
Up and down `till you say that it`s your turn to ryde
Let you ryde, then I kiss you on your lips with no regrets
I slowly make my way with my tongue down to your chest
I know you can feel it now you`re startin` to shiver
Turn around one more time and let me deliver
Not too fast, not too slow, here I come, here we go
Scream for mo`, don`t let go, off the bed, on the floo`
Run my fingers thru your hair I show affection too
Kiss you on your lips and kneck again before I`m thru
It all seems so real, but it`s just a fantasy
I sit here and think to myself, `Why can`t it be?`
On the real, you got a man, he just don`t understand
So leave your man, and take my hand, I`ll take you to another land
I really can show you love, you gotta let me prove it
Right here, right now, here`s your chance to choose it


I know you think all I wanna do is have sex wit` you
Not true, listen boo, I want commitment too
I know how to treat you and I won`t make you cry
I will always tell the truth, I won`t tell a lie
I`ll be loyal and I`ll be there when you need me
If I`m not around when you down just beep me
Call that number when you wanna take a ryde to heaven
Or if you just need a friend or need someone to talk to
All the times when you mine I`ll be right there to walk you
Cuz you`re the one I care about, the one that I admire
Everytime I see you girl my heart is on fire
I wish that you could be mine all the damn time
But I`m feelin` so blind without you in my lifetime
This is real, I ain`t even teasin` at all
So when you loose him and you got a reason to call
I`ll be there like a store, open 24/7
You can call and tell me about all the pain you havin`
Then I can comfort you and talk you thru
This is tru, when I say it boo, all I want is you


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