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You'll never know,
I didn't want it to go
The way it went...
Not a word
From my mouth
But from the moment
I shook your hand
I was determined

And when I'm near you, I don't speak, I barely look
I'm afraid you'll see it in my face

Each time it honey drips right off of my lips
I never stick, so how'd you get me stuck in this?
Each time it honey drips right off my lips
And now I wish you never got me stuck in this
But it won't show, and you'll never know
I'll lay low and you'll never know...

You'll never know
But my left brain
Took the wrong things...
East You got me all crazy
Come off lazy
But I'm more alive
On the inside

When I'm near you I can't speak, I never look
I'm afraid you'll see it in my face...

I was smiling like a Lion,
Buried myself inside your neck
... oh West...
Clawed my hands around your chest
With some regret...
I've never felt like this

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