Youre Awful lyrics

FRANK SINATRA Youre Awful Lyrics
Frank Sinatra:
Gee I don`t know, I`d like to whisper sweet nothings
Those words that everyone knows
But my thoughts gets mangled,
And all the words get tangled,
But since you asked me, here goes:
You`re awful, awful good to look at,
Awful nice to be with, awful sweet to have and hold.
You`re nothing, nothing if not lovely,
Nothing if not dazzling, nothing but pure gold,
You`re frightening, frightening me when you say
That you might go away,
You`re boring, boring into my heart to stay.
You`re cheap, dear, cheap at any price, dear,
Cheap for such a diamond,
Cheap for such a pearl,
What I said before, I`ll say again,
You`re awful, awful nice to be my girl.
Betty Garrett:
You`re old, dear, old with worldly wisdom,
Old like Gordon Soda, old like finest French champagne,
You`re so-so, so-so, so-so kinda charming,
So-so kind of witty, so I can`t explain,
Can`t stand you, I can`t stand you giving some fellow the eye,
Can`t stand you in the arms of another guy,
Who needs you? Need you to distraction,
Need you too this crazy, need you rain or shine,
I`m the one who needs you,
And I think you`re awful, awful nice to say you`re mine.

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