Zakee – Wake Up Lyrics

[Verse 1]

I wake up every morning, take a piss and roll some reefer up
My actions are outspoken but back then they didn’t speak enough
Then I started speaking up
Now I make your speakers bump
Now I got the divas feinding, telling to me to beat it up
Now a nigga get more paper than encyclopedias
Hotter than 3 demons with fevers heating fajitas up
While trying to find out what the degrees is and see the meter bust right next to a heater that’s steaming because it’s heating up
That’s like 900 degrees
And nah your boy is not a rat until it comes to the cheese
Then he falls in the trap, and it ain’t letting him leave
Niggas say they have your back but turn their back on the team
And go, back on their word and right back on their knees, then go stab you in the back, like that’s what having it means
That’s that pussy talk, I don’t know what half of it means
On be-half of my team, yeah we have to get green
That’s that, half and half you know we have to get cream
I’m a mac, you late. And plus I make immaculate schemes
I keep, track of my dreams, Just to pass them with ease
Don’t forget to tell your bitch that she can have some of these
If she, has a sister then it has to be three
Or I’ma have an assist when she gets passed to the team
Swish! I just hit a step-back on the three
Just a young nigga balling, ain’t no practice for me
Young iverson, the livest one, like back in ’03
Catch me bagging the baddest bitches there happen to be
Fill a backwood to capacity with bags of the tree
Half you rappers are sleep, bitch i could rap in my sleep
Only wake up just to lay these niggas in caskets deceased
Look like snacks and it just so happens I’m having a feast
They couldn’t wait for the day to hear me back on the beat
So now I’m back on the beat, let me get back to my sleep, bye


[Verse 2]

I Ball 7 days a week and every week inside a month
(Beat comes back)
My nigga sleep is for the weak and I ain’t sleep in like a month

So Tell your friends come over we can kick it like a punt
And I’ll just play the back cause I don’t really like to front
Could be evil knieval, but don’t really like to stunt
Your reefer on the D-Lo, my shit reaking like a skunk
And beef ain’t what you want, keep the drama for the bitches
I’m the hottest, fuck saliva, this some lava that I’m spitting
Momma nah I’m not in college but I promise I’ma get it
I ain’t in to penny pinching so I’m stacking bennie franklins
Commas in my bank account look like a lengthy sentence
And I keep my shoes tied, so I ain’t tripping off these bitches
I just dick em, then I dip and then proceed to get this chicken
Fuck the bullshit, I’m balling like I’m Scotty Pippen, I’m equipping 90 clips and screaming fuck the opposition
Politicians popping shit but never been in our position
Besides my brother Onz I am the hottest nigga spittin
Comma, I’m the fucking bomb, can tell by how my watch is ticking
Comma I’ma kamikaze nigga I would die to get it
Comma, comma, comma, comma, comma watch my wallet thicken
I just have to get it with the cards I was dealt
I’ma get the shit and keep it all to myself
The car I drive, the Jordan’s on my feet and the wealth, and if my bitch is cheating then she’s cheating herself
I was the one who called you whenever you needed help, but wouldn’t pick up the phone when I need it for myself
I’ma get it my own I don’t need any help
Who gives a fuck if they believe you just believe in yourself


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